Writers Guild East Wants to Unionize the Web?

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Whaddaya know? Somebody with some deep pockets and a lot of strength thinks writers toiling away at Big Deal Corporate Websites should get paid. (This doesn’t include TVWriter™, which definitely is a very little deal, decidedly not corporate website – which means “Hey, y’all, you’re welcome to work with us for free any time.”)

Anyway, last week the editorial staff over at Big Deal Salon Media announced it wants to unionize via the WGA East. Here’s how they put it:

Every single one of the editorial employees at Salon supports unionizing with the Writers Guild of America, East, and today we’re asking the management of Salon to recognize our union…We are doing this because we believe in our publication and want it to be successful. We’re especially proud to work for a media organization that has championed progressive values for nearly twenty years. We believe this organizing campaign is a positive and public way for us to put those values into practice, right here at home. In the wake of the Gawker staff’s vote to organize with the WGAE, we see an opportunity to help establish standards and practices in Internet journalism. It’s an exciting moment for our field, and we want Salon to be at the forefront of change.

For the record, the WGAE is the only union out there organizing interweb journalism. Not even its left coast counterpart, the Writers Guild of America, West, is putting its foot in those potentially treacherous waters. TVWriter™ wishes everyone involved in this effort the best.

Yours in solidarity, brothers and sisters.

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  1. Thing of it is, today’s unions are the embodiment of the very entities they were created to fight against. It’s unlikely they see it that way, but they are.

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