Writers Guild Awards Presenter Kathy Griffin Calls Out the WGA

The WGA Awards were announced at a pretty spectacular ceremony last Sunday night, all things considered. (Those “things” meaning…writers, as opposed to the glam before-the-cameras award-givers and takers we’re all used to.)

And, these being awards for and by writers, naturally all wasn’t exactly sweetness and light. Or, as Munchman put it while watching from backstage (don’t ask how he got there, and we won’t bore you with the telling), “Go, Kathy, go!”


by Jenna Marotta

At Sunday night’s untelevised Writers Guild AwardsKathy Griffin smiled through ongoing anger about the lack of Hollywood defenders she has had during a colossal public outcry that resulted from a 2017 photo shoot. On May 30, a picture in which Griffin appeared to be holding President Donald Trump’s severed head was shared on her social media accounts. In response, Griffin received death threats and was quickly fired as co-host of CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve telecast.

“It’s me, Kathy Griffin — I got a haircut and I lost my career in a day, hi!,” she began, taking the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom stage to present the night’s animation award. “I just want to thank all the powerful writers and show runners in this room for fucking no support, where the fuck have you been?…I was supposed to thank everyone for their support, and no one [lifted] their finger.” (During her ordeal, Griffin’s champions did include Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin.)

Griffin offered her personal backlash — following a career of “little fights [that] nobody gives a shit about” — as a cautionary tale. “I want you to learn from my experience, honestly: if you think it can’t happen to you, it can, and it can happen like that,” she said, snapping her fingers. “You may have hated that photo and that’s okay, but if one of your 12-year-old kids puts it on Twitter, they shouldn’t have to be under a two-month federal investigation, be on the No Fly List, and the Interpol list….”

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