Will These TV Series Change the Way H’wood & Viewers See Indigenous People?

Yesterday we posted a letter from the membership of the WGAW’s Committee Native American and Indigenous Writers’ Committee. We don’t know if the article below,  which also appeared on the web yesterday, is intended to be a response.

We offer it here to help you decide for yourself whether you think current diversity initiatives are enough to instigate the change the television industry and U.S. culture in general must make for the good of, well, of all of us, goddammit.

by Jasmine Blu

Diverse representation is of importance, and that’s why it’s an ongoing discussion in the media. The fact of the matter is people deserve to see themselves reflected in the media they consume.

When discussing racial diversity specifically in the media, Indigenous representation is disturbingly underrepresented or misrepresented. Not to mention riddled with stereotypes, one-dimensional, or archaic in their depiction.

Native representation is dismal even when including the various Native and Aboriginal rep spanning continents, there are slim pickings.

On the positive side, this arena is making strides. In honor of Indigenous Peoples day, here are a few series who are changing the game with their Indigenous representation.

F.B.I: Most Wanted

The number of series with contemporary takes of Natives is appallingly low. It was so unexpected that the Dick Wolf series has a handful of native characters and often explores their roots.

One of the main characters and crimefighters is Nathaniel Arcand’s Clinton Skye. Not only does he serve as a second in command in the field to the lead, Agent LaCroix, but he’s a source of support on the homefront as well.

Skye is LaCroix’s brother and law, and he, along with other family members, helps the widowed LaCroix take care of his daughter Tali….

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