Why You Need to Make & Post Your Own Videos

R'ha CaptureWe’ve captured a moment of “R’ha”

It’s called peer production, which simply means that you’re not a pro film/video maker – yet – creating your videos for your own pleasure and that of others and/or as calling cards so you can become a pro.

A lot of people pooh-pooh the idea because “who wants to give away something for nothing,” but having your work out there can pay off in many ways – especially if the right person sees what you’ve done and falls in love with it.

5 months ago, back in January, 2013,  Kaleb Lechowski posted his 6 minute short, R’HA, on Vimeo. A few days ago, Rick McCallum, former chief of Lucasfilm and one of the producers of STAR WARS, announced that he’s going to turn R’HA into a film that in our eyes is going to be a major one. As in how can it not be a major motion picture when Steve Tzirlin of STAR WARS: CLONE WARS is also aboard as another producer and Matthew Graham of LIFE ON MARS is going to write the expanded script?

Big congrats from TVWriter™ to Kaleb Lechowski and, from us to all our visitors, here’s a sample of the kind of work that can lead to the career you’ve been wanting all your life:

3 thoughts on “Why You Need to Make & Post Your Own Videos”

  1. Call me “old-fashion”, call me “crazy”, call me for “dinner”, but what is ‘INSPIRING’ about ‘MAKING AND POSTING YOUR OWN VIDEOS’! You’re a WRITER for God’s sake, not a producer! If you’re having trouble getting something produced… Maybe, just MAYBE, the problem’s in the WRITING not the PRODUCING. It that’s the case…become a better writer. Trust me, it’s not the impossible dream. gs

    1. Um, sorry, Ger, but I’m a writer-producer. And writer-producers are, by definition, filmmakers. The purpose of this site is to help as many other writer-producers/filmmakers as possible achieve their dreams of being in the industry.

      This article isn’t saying that making and posting your own videos is in and of itself inspiring. The article is urging our visitors to create the videos because they can lead to the kind of success we’re all striving for. By giving an example of that success TVWriter™ does, indeed, attempt to inspire.

      It’s not the same business you (and I) were in back in the day, dood. It’s a whole nuther country. And, man, do I wish I were just starting out.



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