Bobby Goren is Back! Loud Sing Hallelloo…

Okay, so maybe it isn’t our beloved Detective Goren, but after way too long an absence, the guy who brought him to life, a certain Vincent D’Onofrio is back as part of the star-studded cast of a film called PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES:

Our former pal Bobby is one of these guys. Reckon he's undercover?
Our former pal Bobby is one of these guys. Reckon he’s undercover?

We say “star-studded’ cuz, yeppers, we sure have heard of the other members of the cast, like: Elijah Wood, Brendan Fraser, Thomas Jane, Matt Dillon, Lukas Haas, Chi McBride, and – gulp – Ashlee Simpson.

Not too familiar with the writer-producer, Adam Minarovich or the director, Wayne Kramer, but good golly Ms. Molly…Vincent D’Onofrio! Anything else is just window dressing.

And that, friends and neighbors, is why stars get films greenlighted and get all the money while writers just kinda grovel at their feet and say, “Choose me…choose me….” What does it say about the true nature of showbiz that even we at TVWriter™ are all agog about one actor and haven’t even bothered to google Mr. Minarovich?

Tell ya what we’re going to do. We’re going to keep track of how many hits this article gets from people searching the names of all the players we’ve noted above. And then we’ll let the whole world know who’s the bigger draw, Vincent or Adam. Or, who knows, it could turn out to be Ms.Simpson, no?

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Bobby Goren is Back! Loud Sing Hallelloo…”

  1. I know you loved Goren, but he liked to invade the personal space of suspects to make them uncomfortable, and it made me uncomfortable as I watched, as if he was invading my personal space too. So I always click away when an L&O with him in it comes up.

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