What Pilots for the Upcoming 2016 Season are Still Breathing? What aren’t?

For those of us who eagerly – oh, all right, compulsively is probably the better word – track new series ideas throughout the seasons so we can enjoy as viewers and grow as creators, TV’s ins and outs can be especially heart-rending. And  when they aren’t giving us heart attacks, it’s usually because we just plain got lost and can’t follow the ins and outs.

Here, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, is a scoresheet so we can see who and what are, and aren’t, still in the game:

pilot_gridby Lesley Goldberg

Following yet another development season that started late and featured a new round of reboots, the broadcast networks are again gearing up for a busy pilot season as they compete with not only one another, but with basic and premium cable as well as streaming services including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu — all of whom are making major scripted pushes.

The networks continue to look for intellectual property to help cut through the increasing clutter and, after such success stories as Fox’s Empire, are turning to soapy fare in addition to tried-and-true procedurals and medical dramas. Also hot this development season were military and crime dramas in the vein of popular podcast Serial.

Here’s a look at the pilots in contention for the 2016-17 television season, as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW sift through hundreds of scripts and move forward in a bid to find the next breakout comedies and dramas.

The Hollywood Reporter will be updating the grid throughout pilot and casting season, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the latest news.

(Note: Not included are limited/event and miniseries or other projects earmarked for the summer; * designates casting has been completed.)



Chunk & Bean* — PASSED OVER
Logline: A dual-family single-camera comedy centered on the unlikely friendship of two misfits, Chunk (Cyrus Arnold) and Bean (Simon Belz), who benefit from having two very different sets of parents living next door to each other. Inspired by the lives of writers Ed Herro and Brian Donovan.
Cast: Anna Gunn, Andy Daly (Review), Adam Rodriguez, Hassie Harrison, Simon Belz, Sofia Gonzalez, Cyrus Arnold
Team: W/EP Brian Donovan, Ed Herro; EP Dave Hemingson; EP/D Chris Koch
Studio: ABC Studios
Format: Single-camera
Location: Los Angeles

Logline: Based on the web series of the same name, centers on a woman, Nan (Allison Tolman) and her dog. The twist is that it features a Modern Family-style confessional device — for the dog.
Cast: Allison Tolman, Lucas Neff, Kirby Howell-Baptise, Barry Rothbart, Mo Collins
Team: W/EP Samm Hodges, Michael Killen; EP Jimmy Miller, Sam Hansen, Kathy Dziubek
Studio: ABC Studios, Legendary Television
Format: Single-camera

Dream Team* — PASSED OVER
Logline: Marty Schumacher (Justin Long) coached his last club soccer team for 10 years, ultimately taking them to the national championships. He now has to start from scratch with a diverse group of 8-year-olds, and their disparate parents….

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