Just Create, Dammit!

As you reach the end of the following article, don’t be surprised if you hear Our Beloved Leader Larry Brody’s voice ringing in your ears in agreement:

“Damn fucking right!”


I’m sitting here giggling to myself.

Had you seen me earlier today, I was slouched over the table. Frowned face, desperately trying to navigate my way around the “funding process” for TV Writers in Australia. With every sentence I’d read, my doubt plummeted deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, what I also call “The Pits of Hell.”

Yes, looking for funding is like jumping into a bottomless pit that opens the floodgates to death aka “The Pits of Hell”.

Did I really think I’d secure funding for two TV shows in different stages of development? Let alone over the next two months?! With no credits?!

For any writer looking for funding with Screen Australia – you need to have at least one credit. And that doesn’t mean you’ve directed and produced your backyard film with your little brother and your name happens to appear in the credit list. No, there is a seriously, strict criteria of what a “credit” means in the industry. The alternative is to attach either a Director, Producer, Executive Producer or Writer with credits. Cool. Easy – any takers?

What luck does the little guy have? What are we supposed to do? It’s a long and difficult  road and I feel like just giving up…

Well, I almost did.

Until my best friend Cass kicked me right in the butt:

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