WGA-ATA Still Slogging Away

by Larry Brody

No big news in the War For The Soul of Hollywood (as some people in the know seem to be regarding it), but the Writers Guild of America has taken an interesting tack in trying to explain the basis for the dispute by reprinting and posting the article shown in the image above.

If you’re a WGAW member you’ll be equipped to bypass security and read it all here:


If you’re not a member, you can try searching the Daily Journal site. I did and failed, but who knows? You just might be a more passionate seeker than yours truly.

In the article, the writer, attorney Thomas Vidal, sums up what we’re fighting for quite well:

By aggressively pursuing their packaging fees, agencies and agents have elevated their own interests above those of their writers. This the law does not and should not countenance.

Other issues are involved here, of course, but that one, boys and girls, is the Big One.

While we’re at this, a couple of interesting perspectives on the what’s happening, via Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, are here:

Agentless Writers Find Early Success Crowdsourcing New TV Hires

Lessons From Past Strikes May Hold Key To Unlocking WGA-ATA Impasse

In Solidarity!

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