WGA-ATA Latest Salvos

by Larry Brody

Here they are, kids, the latest salvos in the War for the Hearts & Minds & Bank Accounts of Writers & Agents Who Formerly Were Best Buds.

A lot has happened since the last time we discussed this here at TVWriter™ , but what stands out in my mind is the shocking amount of ire directed at the members of the WGA by the ATA, which as a group has been violating its fiduciary duty for decades (i.e., fucking us over).

The good news last week was that UTA (that’s a talent agency) co-president Jay Sures asked WGA West president David A. Goodman to please, please, please come back to the bargaining table and Mr. Goodman accepted, which means, at least theoretically, that various injustices and ways to correct them already are, or soon will, discussed by the aggrieved and aggrieving parties.

Here are some highlights:

WGA Blasts “Bad Behaviors” Of Unfranchised Agents, Lawyers and Managers On Package Fees & Commissions

WGA And ATA May Resume Bargaining Talks June 7

And for those of you who are Writers Guild of America West members:




I admit it. I look at all the info above, especially about the way we writers are pulling together and pooling job and development information, and all I can think is – why the hell didn’t we do all this years ago?

In Solidarity!

Author: LB

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