WGA-ATA Return to the Battlefield

by Larry Brody

Welcome to the latest installment of The Writers Who Are Tired And Won’t Take It Anymore Guild of America v. The  Association of Talentless Agents.

The good news last week was that UTA (that’s a talent agency) co-president Jay Sures asked WGA West president David A. Goodman to please, please, please come back to the bargaining table and Mr. Goodman accepted, which means, at least theoretically, that various injustices and ways to correct them already are, or soon will, discussed by the aggrieved and aggrieving parties.

Read all about this particular occurrence HERE

Info about the run-up to this potentially joyous reunion is here:

WGA Slammed By ATA As “Desperate” After Constructive Fraud Claim Added To Packaging Suit Against CAA, ICM Partners, UTA & WME

ATA Attorneys Say WGA’s Deal With Verve “Should Be Of Serious Concern” To Agencies & Writers; Guild Responds – Update


And what appears to me to be the main reason the agents are willing to talk a bit is here:

Endeavor Enters New Era, Filing For Long-Expected Public Stock Offering

That headline above speaks volumes, yeah?

In Solidarity!

Author: LB

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