Web Series: The Pantsless Detective

This is clever stuff – even if you aren’t a film student and have never seen or heard of film noir.

The Pantsless Detective, Season 3 wants us all to know where the credit for it belongs. (Does this mean nobody got paid?)

Tom Chamberlain as Det. Richard Panceliss/Father Panceliss
Dipu Bhattacharya as Smitty/Narrator
Amy Lewis as Temperance Friday
Rebecca Robinson as Constance Trustworthy
Brian Sierer as Sgt. McAdams
John Stanhope as Thug/Bruno Weisenheimer
J. Kevin Smith as Junior Detective #2
Tony Salinas as Junior Detective #3
Craig Kanne as New Thug
Martina Ohlhauser as Mother Panceliss/Phem Faye Tall
Miles Baade as Young Panceliss
Leigh Newsom as Waiter/Shower victim
Django as Guard Dog

Written & directed by Dipu Bhattacharya
Produced by Tom Chamberlain & Dipu Bhattacharya
Co-producer: Leigh Newsom

Cinematographers: Ricardo Avila, Jr., David Avila, Leigh Newsom
Camera: David Avila, Ricardo Avila, Jr., Leigh Newsom, Dipu Bhattacharya, Tom Chamberlain
Sound/Boom operator: Ryan Parrow, Leigh Newsom, Martina Ohlhauser, Virginia Hemstreet, Tom Chamberlain
Production assistants: Leigh Newsom, Martina Ohlhauser, Dennis Kao

Editor/Sound designer/Sound editor/Visual effects: Dipu Bhattacharya
Sound editor: Paul Nixon
Post-production sound recordist: Shelby Scoggins

Music composed by Jonathan M. Roe
Music recorded by Paul Nixon with Jon Hall
Music mixed by Paul Nixon
Saxophone: Jason Levitt
Guitars: David King with Jonathan M. Roe
Drums: Paul Nixon
Upright bass: Frank Murry
Keyboards/electric bass: Jonathan M. Roe
Violin: Dipu Bhattacharya

Costume & makeup supervisor: Virginia Hemstreet
Set photographers: Jennifer Clower-Brown, Gina Barrett
Craft services: Virginia Hemstreet

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