Web Series: “Solid 8”

We want to see more of this show.

More! More! More!

Yo, Solid 8 creators – where are the rest of the episodes? What do we have to do to see ’em?

We’ve seen mention of ten episodes of Solid 8 on the web, but only three seem to have been shot. How can we correct this injustice? Solid 8 team, let us know. Meanwhile, here’s the most recent ep we could find on YouTube:

Episode 3: “Meanwhile, At Home”
Written by Magan Carrigan
Directed by Danny Gorman
Executive Produced by Emily Marquet

Theme Song by Michael Bergamo
Original Music by Kana Zink

Wardrobe Provided by WorldLine Brand


Episode 1: https://youtu.be/s-qboT0-wBA
Episode 2: https://youtu.be/aEgDHzCVRFg