Web Series: ‘Sam and Pat are Depressed’

Frequent (but not frequent enough) TVWriter™ guest columnist Bri Castellini has a new web series on Seeka.TV, and, spoilsports that we are (to Seeka.TV and its ilk anyway), we’re here to give you a glimpse into its darkness, despair…and humor.


Episode 1 is also out and about…but you’ll have to go here, to Seeka.TV, to see it. Which reminds us:

WARNING! Seeka will make you join in order to watch. It’s free, and the show’s worth more than that, but still, it kinda bugs us, you know?

The Facebook page for Undead Burrito Productions, Ms. Castellini’s production company, is HERE in case you want to post your praise, or your disapproval, or whatever as long as it isn’t bullying. That’s saved for President Donny (although not by Bri, who ain’t the type to tolerate no nonsense from anybody, you here?)