Web Series: MAN JAM

If this doesn’t inspire you to make your own web series – or at least start a band – nothing will!

This is good. It’s really fucking good.

No, we’re not showing you the first episode because it’s the weakest of the 6 episode first series. But have a look at this preview:

Director(s): Matt Carmody
Writer(s): Matt Carmody, Boyd Vico
Actor(s): Drew Powell, Matt Carmody, Justin Wade, Joe Pascual, Megan Albertus

We love this show cuz being musicians ourselves we’ve played with bands that are so much like this one we’re thinking of suing. Well, actually we’re younger than these 30+ yr oldsters, but still…realistic as hell.  And much, much funnier than hell could ever be.

MAN  JAM absolutely hits all the notes.

Sell all the episodes HERE