Web Series: ‘Jackson & Lewis’

How’s this logline sound to you?

Jackson & Lewis, 2 contract killers, bring their newly hired camera man on a mission that doesn’t go over too well.

Why do two hitmen have a camera man? Because what they really want to do is…that’s right, you got it – make it in showbiz.

TVWriter™ loves this series. Even munchman, our resident young curmudgeon admits has said, “It’s more than a well done web series. It’s a vehicle for some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. Anywhere.”

We definitely recommend that you sit back and give yourself to Jackson & Lewis. That way, when the team behind it takes over the entertainment world, as it deserves to, you’ll be able to smile smugly and say, “I knew them when….”


Created by Pierre M. Coleman (@pierremcoleman) Written by Brian A. Beckwith (@b_skillz) Starring: Omar Scroggins, Dee Martin, Safiya Grimsley Subscribe Like: www.facebook.com/JacksonandLewis Follow: @JacksonandLewis Website: http://www.jacksonandlewistv.com

Oh, and guess what? We found this series via Stareable.Com