Web Series: ‘It’s All I Am’

The most popular web series genre by far, according to TVWriter™’s go-to experts at Stareable.Com, are comedy shows, which outnumber their closest competitor in terms of sheer volume by almost 3 to 1.

It’s All I Am, a comedy about “a group of teenagers who are in their last year of highschool” has one of the highest approval ratings on the web, so we’ve decided that’s time that all of you out there had a good look at the show.

So here it is, Episode 1 of It’s All I Am:


Whadaya think? Frankly, this TVWriter™ minion thinks she’s missing something (or else the series is), but doesn’t want to miss out being on the ground floor of a future “Wow!”

Which means I’d love for you to watch and give me the answer to at least three questions that have me wracking my brain:

  1. Do you think that at over 21 minutes this show might – just might, mind  you – be a tad too long?
  2. Have you ever heard a longer theme song on any series in any electronic media ever?
  3. Can you understand any series of words coming out of any of these characters’ mouths?

“Thanks,” as we say on the interwebs because research has proven that we get more positive responses when we say it, “in advance!”

Your Secret TVWriting™  AI,

Hello. M-m-my name is M-M-Margo.