Web Series: ‘Classic Alice’ Coming to Amazon

by Team TVWriter™

Almost two years ago – July 6, 2015, to be precise – TVWriter™ raved about the web series Classic Alice,  which we thought really did have all the elements of a true classic.

Today, we’re happy to say that the series has discovered a whole new way for us to watch it – via Amazon video.

The show is a literary web series with a twist – rather than modernizing one novel, it tackles multiple classics in interesting ways as college student Alice (writer/creator/star Kate Hackett) makes life decisions according to the actions of characters in classic literature – from Crime and Punishment to Persuasion – and has to deal with the fallout as she navigates her college career and figures out what comes next. By turns hilarious and moving, and often both at once, the show thoroughly entertains its viewers while making them think about books in new ways.

Classic Alice’s original 100+ short episodes are now edited into longer episodes arranged by book, making it easier than ever for viewers to enter Alice’s world. Episodes are available for purchase from Amazon (use your Amazon app to view any time!) or watch via Amazon Prime. The entire show is/will be available as of tomorrow, May 19th, HERE.

Oh, and Kate Hackett Productions is HERE

Take a Gander at a Sample

Suggestion from LB: Looks like Amazon is now a viable market for your web series. We definitely hope that other creators will check that situation out…and get back to us with the results when you do. Break a leg, Alice/Kate, and everyone who, well, who dares!