Universal Pictures’ Emerging Writers Fellowship


…Is now open. As of today. And between us, it couldn’t hurt to apply…could it?

Here’s what Universal says:

The Emerging Writers Fellowship is an exciting program at Universal Pictures that is designed to identify and cultivate new and unique voices with a passion for storytelling. We are looking for talented screenwriters who have the potential to thrive, but don’t have access to or visibility within the industry.

Emerging writers who are chosen to participate in the program will work exclusively with the studio over the course of a year to hone their skills. During this program, fellows will be given the opportunity to work on current Universal projects as well as pitch original story ideas. In addition to working on writing assignments, the fellows will receive industry exposure by:

– Participating in filmmaking workshops and studio seminars
– Receiving mentoring from established filmmakers
– Networking with top literary agents and managers
– Meeting with production development executives
– Attending screenings and premieres

Fellows admitted into the program will be hired under a writing service agreement and must be committed to working full-time for one year. Additionally, Universal Pictures has the option to extend a fellows’ contract for a second year.

For all the info you need to apply, CLICK HERE.

Don’tcha love these TVWriter™ PSAs? (What? You don’t? You’ll change your mind after you get into one of these programs and become the next King of the Showrunners. Mark our words, ingrates!)