Tweeting from the Writers Room

The new showbiz P.R. paradigm kicks butt:

Welcome to FAKING IT's writers room Twitter account
Welcome to FAKING IT’s writers room Twitter account

by Zoe Silverman

As yet another way of engaging viewers, networks are enlisting writers’ rooms to create their own Twitter accounts. Cable and broadcast channels alike are participating, with handles from MTV, ABC, Netflix, Disney Channel, Fox, CBS and others.

Take ABC, which has several accounts for its shows, including “Blackish,” “Castle,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Nashville,” and “Scandal.” While the net encourages writers to activate these accounts, the content is completely up to them, according to Ben Blatt, executive director of digital strategy for ABC Television Network. “When we launch new series, we meet with the showrunners to explain our social media strategy and the ecosystem we look to create. If they are interested, we encourage and support writers’ room accounts for them to provide an authentic view of their writing process to the audience,” he said. There’s no input or oversight from ABC. “We look to support simply by retweeting or making the larger audiences aware of them so they can get as much information as possible on their favorite shows.”

MTV followed a similar strategy as ABC when it introduced an account for “Faking It” (@FakingItWriters). MTV suggested the show create a separate writers’ room account based on the success of another writer’s account for “Awkward.” The content and curation of the account comes from the writers, not the net. “The two writers who spearhead it—Carrie Rosen and George Northy—are really excited about having a new way to interact with fans while watching the show,” said Faking It showrunner Carter Covington….

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