TVWriter™ Herbie J Pilato has a New Website

by munchman

4629759070_843x423TVWriter™ Contributing Editor Herbie J Pilato, known far and wide as, well, as Herbie J Pilato, has himself a new website, featuring everything from his authorized bio (written by famous Classic TV biographer Herbie J Pilato, no less) to a complete list of (and links to) his interweb work, books, and everything else you can think of – including all there is to know about the Classic TV Preservation site and even a link to TVWriter™.

It isn’t precisely a party in our pocket, but we definitely want y’all to come. (Herbie J may be the expert on Classic TV, but yer friendly munchamaniac still knows his Classic Underground Rock.)

Congrats on your grand opening, Herbie J Dood!

Get thee over to the man’s delicious new moonfruit That’s kind of an inside joke that’ll be part of once you click here: