TVWriter™ Don’t-Miss Posts of the Week – June 27

In case you’ve missed what’s happening at TVWriter™, the most popular blog posts during the week ending yesterday were:

Supernatural Season 1 Finale – Recap and Review

Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?

LB: The 1 Book Every New TV Writer Needs

Kelly Jo Brick: The Write Path with Mark Goffman

Confessions of a Contest Script Reader

And our most visited permanent resource pages were:

Writing the Dreaded Outline


The Logline

The Teleplay

Student Central

Major thanks to everyone for making this such a great week. Don’t forget to click above and read what you missed. re-read what you loved, and, most importantly, come back for more soon!

(Oh, and if you know why people still seem to be dying to read about Season One of SUPERNATURAL, please let us know. The secret of that kind of success could be a goldmine for any network!)