TV Series Sabotage

Far be it for TVWriter™ to indulge in blind gossip, that wretched yet fascinating reportorial exercise in consequence-free (for the writer) character assassination. But this particular blind item is so fascinating, and the events it describes are so common, that we just can’t resist bringing it to your attention:

How to Sabotage a TV Show
by Blind Gossip

backstaberyWe have a warning for everyone in the television industry: Watch your backs, because someone may be looking to sabotage your TV show!

A couple of years ago, there were three people who worked at the same network: Showrunner 1 (SR1), Showrunner 2 (SR2) and a high-ranking Network Executive (NE).

SR1’s show had a cast of several young female leads. The show was doing fine as far as ratings were concerned, and the cast and crew were confident that the show was going to be renewed for the following season.

In the middle of taping one day, SR1 received a call from NE. NE said that they had a serious problem. I turns out that SR2 had complained to the network about SR1’s show.

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