Troy DeVolld: Pro Tip: You’re Not Going to Make It

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by Troy DeVolld

You read that right.  YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT.

Of course, you COULD add an “UNLESS” to the end of that.  And you have to make your own UNLESSes.

Here are some serving suggestions:

UNLESS you lose that fantasy of what working in film and television is like and make an informed decision based on what it means to pursue a career in some of the most exclusionary professions on earth.

UNLESS you are able to cultivate emotional maturity.

UNLESS you are willing to invest the time it takes to develop your craft.

UNLESS you learn the invaluable lesson that being a decent human being might even get you more work than being especially talented.

UNLESS you are willing to invest the time to get to know who the players are and stay current.  You can’t do business in 2014 like it’s still 1988.

UNLESS you understand that you have to, as Sam Kinison said, “Move where the food is.”

UNLESS you understand enough about yourself to know what’s driving you.  If it’s primarily fame, money and awards, get really big in any other industry and then put your own face on bus benches and billboards.

UNLESS you can learn to be as happy for others when they advance as you would hope they would be for you.

UNLESS you understand that MAKING IT is not a thing.  MAKING IT is a movable abstract that will make you miserable.  Celebrate along the way, don’t wait.

I know.  This entry’s more abstract than most.   I’m just feeling it today.