Time to Stop Hating on L.A.

…Cuz if you really, really, really want to write for TV or films, by which we mean that your entire heart and soul are wrapped up with that ambition, you’ve got to face facts: You must live here.

Which is why we’re happy to present this little guide we found about making L.A. work for ya:


10 Things To Get Over About Los Angeles And 10 Things It Will Teach You To Love
by ipagn28

No really, I’m sick of it. Get over it. Stop whining. Here is a list of things I’m tired of hearing about Los Angeles and a list of things I think people should learn to love instead.

1) Hating the San Fernando Valley

40% or so of Angelenos live in the Valley. More than the population of Philadelphia. If you live in LA and know more than 10 people you probably know someone who lives in the Valley. Sure, it’s a newer, sprawl-ier place than a lot of Los Angeles. Sure, it’s typically 10 degree (F) hotter than a lot of Los Angeles. Sure, it doesn’t have quite the cultural facilities like some other parts of Los Angeles. But let’s not get started on the lack of interesting qualities in a lot of places from where you might have moved.

Plenty of awesome stuff comes from the valley. Do you like movies from Disney, Warner Brothers or Universal? Do you watch television on CBS, ABC or NBC? Have a problem with Marilyn Monroe? Or anyone on this list?


2) There are no seasons in Los Angeles

Okay, I understand that you might miss a crisp fall day with the leaves changing if you live in New England. In Los Angeles, that’s the depth of Winter.

Sure snow is pretty when it’s falling or has recent fallen, but does anyone look forward to shovelling it? Or when it turns to dirty slush? Or the sidewalk ices over and you risk your life to shuffle down the street?

Oh, and Spring, don’t start with Spring. Spring is all in bloom and green in May… after two months of rainy wet and mud.

LA has winter… it’s drizzly or brisk and cool. Sometimes you need a jacket or a sweater, but at least you can still get around without special tires or digging the walk out. LA has spring… it’s beautiful and green, and the air clears up, and there are lots of wildflowers in bloom… spring in LA is gorgeous. Summers can get hot, but we have great beaches AND it is, in fact, a dry heat, so you can use a FAN or OPEN YOUR WINDOWS instead of running the AC most of the time. It still cools off at night so there is respite! And LA has Fall… it’s bright and clear like Spring, some trees do lose their leaves, and you don’t have to worry about snow on Halloween or Thanksgiving.


3) Everyone is in the Industry

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2 thoughts on “Time to Stop Hating on L.A.”

  1. I don’t live in show-biz L.A., where it’s fashionable to say these things. I moved here, but not from New York, so I don’t long for pizza you can fold up and which drips grease all over you. By the way, if you want bagels and other deli food, there are a lot of jewish people in L.A. Whole neighborhoods of them. Not to mention Beverly Hills. They make sure that deli food is available. And if you want real winters, in which you can freeze to death in three feet of snow, don’t come here.

  2. Best place in the U.S. to freeze to death in 3 feet of snow: Gallup New Mexico. No bagels there, though. And the pizza is strictly of the Pizza Hut variety.


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