We’ve written before about the late Gerry Anderson, one of the greats of British science fiction, and television as well. Now we’re writing to say that his son, also called Gerry Anderson (coincidence? we think not) has a Kickstarter project that looks interesting.

It’s called GEMINI FORCE ONE, but it isn’t a TV or video project. It’s a publishing project that could – cuz this is how the biz works – later turn into a TV or film series.

The editor-publisher is Younger Gerry. (Still living Gerry? Or was that too tasteless even for us?) He resembles his dad and knows how to put together a solid presentation. The writer of the first book in the projected series books will be MG Harris, who has written several best-selling book series of his own, including The Joshua Files and all in all knows what he’s doing.

The concept is by (sorry, we just have to say it this way cuz we’re jerks) Still Dead Gerry. He conceived it and started writing the first book but couldn’t finish because of his health. This one will be based on notes and audio recordings he left behind.

The concept feels pretty good. Here’s what the Kickstarter page has to say about it:

In the first adventure, BLACK HORIZON, 16-year old Ben Carrington and his mother, an Austrian Countess, join forces with secret rescue agency, Gemini Force. GF is the brainchild of charismatic billionaire Jason Truby, a software and telecoms entrepreneur who became a planetary household name by funding and even joining the first ever manned mission to an asteroid.

High-rise thrills launch the story from the first chapter, as Truby first spots Ben and Countess Caroline in action. But somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, trouble is brewing on an oil platform. Disaster looms…and only one agency has the speed and technology to respond.

The really good news for Gerry Anderson (yeah, the, oh, let’s call him Original Gerry now, how’s that?) fans is that the Kickstarter goal is realistic, at a shade less than 25,000 pounds or roughly $38,000. Hell, any halfway decent writer’s going to want almost that much just to do a first draft, but this includes publication/production, publicity, the works.

Okay, so at second thought it does seem a little high. But it’s based on material by the creator of THUNDERBIRDS, STINGRAY, SPACE: 1999. Think of him as the UK’s Gene Roddenberry. You’d help fund an unfinished Roddenberry project, right?

Here’s the Kickstarter presentation video:

And this is the link to the Gemini Force One Kickstarter page.