There will be a time after this one

Nathan Bransford, one of TVWriter™’s favorite writers and writing consultants is here to reassure us.

by Nathan Bransford

It’s a ridiculously hard time to write. No one is feeling productive. Many people have been plunged into financial uncertainty and feel vulnerable to a virus that’s an invisible menace.

Some people have even started wondering: what’s the point of writing? What kind of a world will even be left for me to publish a book in?

Don’t be paralyzed by our present circumstances. There will be a time after this one. And we’re going to need books.

We need your writing.

The last apocalypse

In 2008, I was just starting my career as a young literary agent at Curtis Brown Ltd. I had written a novel out on submission to literary agents, but it was floundering. An agent wanted edits I didn’t think I could pull off.

Then the financial crisis hit. Publishers started shuttering imprints and many of my editor friends were laid off. My boss came to work one morning and advised me against submitting any books for the rest of the year. This was early October!

I faced the daunting prospect of building a career in a shrinking industry. I suddenly had a lot more time on my hands because I wouldn’t be managing submissions….

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