The Web Series Channel is – sniff – Closing


The Web Series Channel has been one of the most valuable peer production resources on the interwebs.  With Americ Ngwije and Sandrine Sahakians at the helm as Editors-in-Chief, the site opened 4 years ago and in TVWriter™’s estimation did a great job of fulfilling its purpose of getting the word out about new web series.

The site has helped peer producers/content creators and fans by posting links to series and individual episodes, serving as a kind of one-stop shopping aid for viewers looking for video series created by genuine peer producers, AKA, non Big Media pros. TVWriter™ has found it an invaluable resource in our never-ending search for originality and high quality shows.

Unfortunately, on November 14th, the Channel, via Ms. Sahakians, announced its impending demise:

This is a post we didn’t think we would be writing anytime soon, but unfortunately the day has come….

…The time commitment and cost of running Web Series Channel have reached too high of a level for us to keep it going and we have decided…to cease our operations.

As of this writing, the Channel has stopped accepting new web series submissions but promises that “We will finish reviewing the web series already submitted and still left in queue….” It also intends to “continue accepting new episode submission until the end of the year,” after which it will remain live on the interwebs as an archive site.

TVWriter™ is sorry to see this turn of events and wants everyone at the Channel to know that we’d like to help them avoid their fate. If you need us for anything (short of, you know, extending $$$ cuz, hey, we’re all broke volunteers too), just give us a shout.

In the meantime, our thanks for giving the interwebs so much.