The Venture Brothers are Returning Sooner Than We Thought

Once upon a time, way, way, way back in the dim mists of the past, before Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman, the hottest, hippest, most critically beloved animated show on TV was a mighty fine piece of work on Adult Swim called The Venture Bros.

Yeppers, kids, we’re talking about a show that started all the way back in 2003 that we at TVWriter™ still care about – a lot – and we are unapologetically uncool enough to be filled with joy at the prospect of The Venture Bros returning before the end of this very summer.

Here’s the word from io9.Com:

Last year, Adult Swim teased that, finally, the seventh season of Venture Bros. would premiere late into 2018, with a tease of “422 days” last September placing the debut sometime this November. Fortunately, things are going even better than expected.

In an article featuring an interview with Chris Prynoski, producer at Titmouse Inc., an animation company that does work on Venture BrosForbes revealed that it had received confirmation from Adult Swim that the show’s seventh season, its first since 2016, will be airing sometime this summer.

It was the writing that made this show special. The spot on parodies, the twists and turns, the often touching – and almost as often cruel – characterization. LB once called it “a writing class everyone can attend for free,” and as usual he knew what he was talking about.

If you just hatched out of the Easter Egg and have no idea what we’re talking about, the best place to check out this ground-breaking sort of superheroic bit of genius is HERE.

And the best place to catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed is – probably – HERE.

Enjoy Team Venture, amigos. All of us here know that we sure will!