The Ultimate Guide to Pitching a TV Show

Well, this is one of the ultimate guides anyway, and there’s a lotta good stuff here. Industrial Scripts’ approach definitely is worth the time you spend reading (and remembering too):

from Industrial Scripts

Writing is, obviously, a vital part of creating a TV Show. However, it is sadly not the only vital part of the process. Knowing how to pitch a TV show is crucial to getting it made.

So what steps are necessary to create a successful TV pitch? This article will take you through a checklist so you can be sure that your pitch will do the best possible justice to your ideas and scripts.


A TV Pitch is a Conversation, Not a Monologue

The person you’re pitching to is not a robot, designed to crush your writing dreams. As unlikely as it might seem, they want to be excited by your pitch. They want to feel something – for you and for your project. They want to know your project but they also want to know you. Are you someone they can work with?

If you’ve already made it to the stage of a pitch meeting, be confident in yourself and your material. You’re both here because you both want to be.

Before launching into your pitch, take a moment to engage with the person you’re pitching to, even if it’s a simple greeting or small talk. Ask them what they’re working on, or what kind of projects they’re looking for. Even if you already know the answers (which you should, having done your research), it could lead to a fruitful and interesting conversation.

Building this rapport first will make the person you’re pitching to more relaxed and receptive to what you have to say.

Equally, leave time for questions and be open and prepared for them. Keep your cool, even if they sound like they’re picking holes in your project, and don’t become defensive or precious. Again – are you someone they can work with?

Knowing Your TV Show

This may sound like a strange or obvious step, but it’s still a vital one. How can you expect to convince network and cable channel executives of your idea if you have not fully grasped it yourself? The Ancient Greeks had a saying, “know thyself.” To know your TV show is, quite simply, to be more capable at pitching that TV show.

So, how do you know if you’re ready…?