The Real Secret of Pitch Meeting Success

The big difference between most people pitching ideas to execs and producers is that all but the rawest exec/producer you talk to knows, before you even enter the room,  the rewards you’ll get if they say yes.

Money! Success! Career joy!

Yes, you know that too. But what you don’t know is that what your listeners are waiting to hear is what rewards they will reap if you get a deal.

Your job is to do your homework. Learn what their company/network needs. If you can, learn what they personally need. Frame your pitch so your development audience understands the rewards working with you will get them.

No, we aren’t talking about bribery or blackmail here. We’re talking intangible human needs. Or, as one top TV creator-writer-producer puts it: “I made a lot of pilot deals simply because the buyers enjoyed laughing with me at lunch.”

How’s your lunch chatter?

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