The Most Underused Doctor in TV History

DoctorWhoMagazine-Nov2003j…was, of course, DOCTOR WHO’s 8th Doctor, played by Paul McGann.

McGann starred in the 1996 DOCTOR WHO TV movie, which was really a pilot for a U.S. version of the series. We’ve seen it a couple of times and know what? It sucks. Terrible script. Ridiculous direction. Absurd acting by everyone involved–

Except Paul McGann, who is, simply, cool as hell.

The movie/pilot fell flat and the series, which was already off the air, stayed off for almost another decade until writer-producer Russell T Davies brilliantly brought it back to life with a 9th doctor played by Chris Eccleston. All was right with the world.

Except that Paul McGann was left out of the project.

Oh, he hasn’t been completely forgotten. We remember him, right? And so did the people at Big Finish Productions, who have made a host of fine audio DOCTOR WHO episodes that definitely make the miles go by if you’re on a driving trip. (Find out more about the latest audio release starring the 8th Doctor.)

We bring this up because we just listened to the latest Paul McGann DOCTOR WHO audio performance, DARK EYES, and can already feel a new addiction forming: Lounging on a couch in a dark room and listening to Paul McGann and the rest of the cast while cuddling with somebody we love and going through the entire 8th Doctor canon.

The script is solid, the performances are exciting…and the 8th Doctor…yeah, we know we shouldn’t go here, but he has a very sexy, um, voice.

Which got us thinking and wondering. Is ther any way at all that Paul McGann could be involved with the upcoming DOCTOR WHO Anniversary Special?

This speculation sent us scurrying to Google, of course, and the web in general, where among other things we found this recent Twitter exchange:

heard a whisper that you are going to be in the 50th anniversary dr who, plz say its true 🙂  x

Yes, I keep hearing similar. Truth is I didn’t so much as visit their set as I was away working. Nor was I invited to.

how about the rumor of minisode about the 8th Doctor regenerating for the 50th anniversary?

I’ve often wondered if rumours, like jokes, aren’t all started by the same excitable child or bored old man.

“I’ve often wondered if rumours, like jokes, aren’t all started by the same excitable child or bored old man.” Now that sounds like the Doctor, doesn’t it?

And it also sounds like the 8th Doctor is being ignored by the DOCTOR WHO telly people again. We admit it. We’re disappointed. But we’ll always have Big Finish.

Note to Big Finish: Don’t screw this up!