The Internet Has Finally Become TV

Well, actually it happened earlier than our title may lead you to believe because we didn’t find this story until 3 weeks after it first came out. But, plainly, nobody’s made nearly as big a deal about it as they should have. So here TVWriter™ is, setting the record straight and proving once again that, “We Live In The Future!” Yeah, baby:

stuffby Alissa Walker

In the next five years, more than 50 percent of the world’s population will have internet access, and 80 percent of internet traffic will be devoted to video, says a new study by Cisco. But it’s not just billions more dinky YouTube videos that will suck up all that bandwidth. It’s our shifting TV habits.

The number of online videos and and the size of those videos is skyrocketing as more and more of us are ditching the traditional cable package and turning to our internet-enabled devices to watch television. What’s more, we’ll increasingly be streaming really big video files, like the high-quality 4K video needed to play on HD monitors. By 2019, 30 percent of internet-connected TVs are expected to be 4K.

“The cord-cutting household [consumes] more than twice as much data per month as non-cord-cutters,” Cisco exec Robert Pepper tells the Washington Post.

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