‘The Good Fight’ Just Got Even Better…

…And in our opinion, it already was the best show on TV. Even if it’s actually on CBS All Access, which means it’s really a full-length web series.

Hmm, who would’ve predicted that particular Great Thing, like, five years ago?

Bottom line: Season 3 of The Good Fight started last week, and not only is it even more terrifical than ever, so are its little add-on type dealie-boppers, like this one:

Yeppers, gang, showrunners Robert and Michelle King are walking their talk. Now if enough people will just listen.

Um, wait. What? We were getting political here? TVWriter™ doesn’t exist to do politics but to give as much insight into TV writing and the writing process as it can? Well, Manafort’s balls, doods, if this kind of thing isn’t insight into the writing process, what is?

Didja watch the video? Good. Watch it again.