The Basics of Writing Audio Scripts/Radio Drama

TVWriter™ is right this very minute preparing a TVWriter™ University class on writing podcast fiction/audio fiction/radio-type drama. It will be taught by the esteemed Bob Tinsley, our go-to podcast fiction/audio fiction/radio-type drama/yada yada guy, and there will be more news about it as soon as all the details are worked out.

Until that glorious day arrives, however, here’s a very solid intro to, you know, the basics.

A comedy sketch presenting the basic concepts of writing for audio theater/ radio drama. By the award-winning audio dramatist, Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. In a special edition profiling his work,BBC Radio 4’s A World In Your Ear hailed Gregg as ‘one of a handful of truly great radio dramatists.’

This comedy sketch produced especially for the American National Audio Theatre Festivals, has been presented to radio drama workshops around the English speaking world. It is performed by Roger Gregg and Morgan C. Jones. produced by Paul Lynch. copyright. 2006.

From crazydogaudio