Stephanie Bourbon on Taking a Break to Recharge Your Creative Energy

“Workin’ on the chain gang all day long…” as a not at all recent pop hit says, isn’t much fun. And in the long run, it isn’t nearly as productive as you might think. Writing – and creating in general – are %$#! hard!

Luckily for us, Stephanie Bourbon is here to guide us out of the maze.

(Apologies. The mixed metaphors aren’t Stephanie’s fault. They belong to us. Clearly we’ve been working way too hard ourselves!)

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel is HERE

And her Story Concierge website chock full of further instruction is HERE

Former Larry Brody student Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon has found great success as a writer and illustrator. Now she’s branching out into video with a series of extremely helpful ones about – surprise! – writing and illustrating.