Peer Production: BECOMING RICARDO Episode 4 hits the Interwebs Today!

Watch the new episode here and now!

by the creators of Becoming Ricardo

All of us at BECOMING RICARDO want to share the latest news: Episode 4 of Season One is premiering today, Thursday, August 7 at 10 am on our website.The title of our latest masterwork is “And Then There Was Steven”. In this episode Jesenia finds herself featured in a major tabloid because Ricardo is quickly becoming the hot new Latino lead on “Crime, Law, and Justice.”  All this fame seems to be getting to Jesenia’s head, but she is quickly distracted by a possible new love interest, when she meets Steven Castillo. Thing don’t go as smoothly as they should, though, because someone seems to be stalking Jesenia’s every move – which makes living her double life even harder than it’s been!

For those unfamiliar with BECOMING RICARDO, it’s a web series that gives Latino actors the opportunity to showcase their talent in a way we don’t typically see on TV or film these days. With the release of this NY Daily News article, it becomes overwhelmingly important for Latinos to create their own content complete with the highest quality, solid writing, and the kind of candor that seems hard to find in entertainment outlets that feature us.

The star, producer, and creator of BECOMING RICARDO is Jesenia. The latest episode features Lisa Velez-Mello of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam plus an exclusive song, “Askin” by acclaimed rapper Chris Rivers(son of Big Pun).

Check it out HERE.