10 Most Viewed TVWriter™ Posts of the Week – June 24, 2019

Happy Monday morning everybody!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Time now for TVWriter™’s latest look at our most popular blog posts and resource pages during the week ending yesterday. They are, in order:

‘The Following’ Season 4 was Cancelled by Fox Because the TV Series Became a Victim of Lazy Writing!

How To Write The Perfect TV Series Review To Captivate Your Readers

Writing the Dreaded Outline

PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 Writing Contest

How to Write a Script for an Animated Show



Corporal Punishment and Primetime TV

Download 50 of the Best TV Scripts

Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?

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Dan Harmon’s Writing Advice

Over the years, TVWriter™ has written or reprinted a ton of posts and articles on Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty). Last year he lowered his profile a bit, but by no means have we exhausted the vault of Dan Harmon Speaks To Writers About So Many Things We Otherwise Might Never Know.

In fact, here’s a previously unknown (to this TVWriter™ minion) gem, found on YouTube…cuz where else would Dan Harmon be?

From moondyne’s YouTube channel

Cartoon: ‘the beloved book’

As far as we at TVWriter™ are concerned, nobody anywhere communicates the feelings creativity arouses in both audience and creator as well as Grant Snider, philosopher-cartoonist extraordinaire.

For example:

Grant’s new book, his first for children, will be published soon. You can pre-order it HERE.

While you’re at it, you can find more of Grant’s extraordinary perception of human creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

And if you haven’t already done so (how could you not?) buy Grant’s other wonderful book, The Shape of Ideas, HERE

What’s It Like to Write for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers?

At last, a video about writing, by writers, genuinely lives up to its promise to take us behind the scenes. Now that this TVWriter™ minion has watched this long but potent lesson, I might even start watching the show.

Um, it’s still on the air, right? Huh? Is it?

Brought to us all by The Paley Center for Media

A Word from California State Legislators Backing the WGA

Remember that WGA-ATA standstill we talked about last Monday?

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who think the Association of Talent Agencies is, um, full of beans. Check out what these fine, upstanding California state legislators have to say.

LB’S NOTE: How the %$#! did I forget to include this in Monday’s article? Major apologies for the oversight, but at least it’s here now. Keep on carrying on, bros and sisters.