How Overachievers Stay Sane and Avoid Burn-Out

How could this article not appeal to us? We mean, it’s gotta be about your friendly neighborhood Team TVWriter™, right? Overachievers, yeppers, that’s us!


by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

One of the fastest paths to burnout is when brilliant people get so stuck on making everything they do AMAZING that all they have to show for their efforts is a string of sleepless nights, broken commitments, and work left undone. But life doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible for overachievers to get more done, improve their performance, and be less stressed, but it doesn’t always mean grinding out that extra task on the to-do list. Sometimes, we need take a step back and embrace read more

Peer Production: BLANK ON BLANK

Carol Burnett LP Cover

Carol Burnett is arguably a comedy genius. We love this interview with her cuz its particular presentation definitely is genius as well:

Daring to Push the Boundaries of Creativity

We don’t just dare you to throw yourself over the creative edge, we double-dog dare you. Cuz, let’s face it, as a writer, that’s something you genuinely need to do:

barbed-wireby Carla Woolf

In my personal creative experiences, being creative meant surviving and vice versa. It meant going beyond the confines of creative ideas that have already been juggled or developed, and it initially meant cautiously read more

LB: Where Did THE FALL GUY Live?


Glad You Asked Dept. 1/27/14

Today’s question is about THE FALL GUY, an ABC action series (I think the network referred to it as drama, but…c’mon!) starring Lee Majors, Doug Barr, Heather Thomas, and Markie Post. Another actress played Markie’s part the first season, but I didn’t like her very much so why even mention her name?

I enjoyed my time producing the show – I must have, I served two separate read more


God, there are some great people out there in interwebland doing their own very special things.

Case in point – this very special Mario Bros/Star Wars mash-up by James Farr:

More where this came from!