South African Writers Call for Workplace Justice

Think TV writers here in the US of A have it bad? Thank your lucky stars and garters that you aren’t working in South Africa!

Ah, the joy of the need for anonymity - not
Ah, the joy of the need for anonymity – not

An open letter to SABC chief Hlaudi Motsoeneng
by Ben Trovato

Dear Comrade Oberstgruppenfuhrer Hlaudi Motsoeneng the First, Commander of the SABC in General and the Airwaves in Particular, Guardian of Local Content, Master of Invention, Supreme Defender of the Truth, I kneel before you in greeting.

Congratulations on taking the public broadcaster to new heights. There are those who say you have dragged it to new depths. Pay no heed to these counter-revolutionary quislings. Depths, as you know, are nothing more than heights in reverse. It all depends on how you look at things. And you, sir, are able to look at things in a way that beggars belief. Speaking of beggars, please issue a decree banning the depiction or mention of beggars on your television and radio stations. People exposed to beggars will want to become beggars themselves and soon there will be nobody left to pay your handsome salary. read article