Animation jobs are booming in Southern California

So ya came to L.A. to get into showbiz, didja? And things ain’t goin’ the way ya thought they would? According to the Los Angeles Daily News that’s because you’re looking in the wrong showbiz niche. Animation’s the future, boys ‘n’ girls. Here’s the scoop on how to join the parade:

by Bob Strauss

It used to be something of a Mickey Mouse business. But an exploding desire for animated entertainment content – supercharged but not entirely due to the expanding new medium of streaming services’ constant need for product – is turning cartooning into a rewarding career for, perhaps, more than ever before.

“It seems like a lot of studios are eager to capitalize on streaming and technology in general to present things in totally different formats than we used to,” observed Danny Ducker, who’s been drawing storyboards at The Cartoon Network’s Burbank headquarters for the past three years. “Which I am super for, whether or not every single experiment works.”

Southern California’s drawing factories have never been so busy. The Burbank-headquarterd Animation Guild (IATSE Local 839) reported an all-time high of more than 4,500 artists, technicians and writers currently working under its agreements, up from 4,200 individuals employed a year ago and around 2.400 in 2008.

“It’s a really, really exciting time for animation over here, and it’s an exciting time for animation worldwide,” said Mike Moon, an animator and studio executive for three decades who currently oversees Netflix’s adult animation operation. “I’ve been in the business almost 30 years now, and I don’t ever remember a time when the studios in L.A. were as busy as they are now. That’s not just because of us, it’s because of everybody. It’s a great, great time for the artform and there are so many different options for animators now.”

As it is in most other aspects of streaming, Netflix is spending big on family, adult-oriented, Animeand other types of cartoon content. Soon-to-come-online will be streaming services from such traditional studios as Disney, Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal, all of which own massive animation operations and intellectual properties ripe for new, on-demand iterations….

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Paul Feig’s New Diversity Initiative – a Must-Read

This not only is important news, it’s also quite wonderful:

by Mike Fleming Jr

EXCLUSIVEPaul Feig’s digital production company Powderkeg has launched Break the Room. It is a writers room development initiative formulated with writer-producer Sameer Gardezi. BTR, done with support from PopCulture Collab and MuslimArc, will approach the creation of diverse content by bringing writers of color together with community thought leaders for a week long writers room filled with diverse scribes to put marginalized voices in control of representing each projects’ community and ideas.

Feig has been quietly road testing this initiative, and the first show to come out of it is the digital short-form series East of La Brea, produced in association with Lyft Entertainment and Pillars Fund.

The project follows two twentysomething working class Muslim women, Aisha Hassan and Farha Munshi, as they struggle to navigate the changing landscape of their native Los Angeles home. East of La Brea premieres at SXSW, competing in the Episodic Pilot Competition.

BTR has completed two rooms in Los Angeles and Albuquerque respectively with another one to commence later this month in Portland. The first project under the banner is and untitled D’Lo project, which is based on the life of Sri Lankan trans comic D’Lo, who was supported by what they call an “all queer” writers room to tell the story of coming back to his small desert hometown of Lancaster, CA. From the Albuquerque room has come The Great Manygoats, a comedy about a Navajo family that struggles to cut through the red tape of government grant funding by changing their trading post business into a vegan sex shop. This project was written by an all Native American room….

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How to Become the Most Productive Screenwriter You Know

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means that instead of working your butt off writing your heart out (now there’s a mixed metaphor to be reckoned with!) you’ll probably be making sweet love all day…or being upset because you aren’t.

But tomorrow will come, and with it the siren call of your chosen profession – writing for TV, or films, or even publication. Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift to get your going at en even higher level than you’ve been at so far:

by Script Reader Pro

On the one hand, you’d like to write more to finish that screenplay, TV pilot or treatment (or start one, for that matter) and begin making headway toward your writing goals.

On the other hand…

Most days pass in a blur. You’re dead tired after getting home from work. Then it’s family time. Or you feel like crashing in front of the TV. Or you promised to go see a work colleague’s band play across town. And on and on.

There always seems to be something in the way of just sitting down and writing. Well, that’s about to change.

In this post, we’ve collected together our absolute favorite forty-eight resources that will teach you how to find time to write and create the ultimate writer’s lifestyle—enabling you to truly kick-start your screenwriting career.

We’ll cover hacks on how to find time to write, how to write more efficiently, tips to improve productivity for writers, health, fitness and much more.

In other words, everything you need to develop the optimal conditions in your life so you can give your screenwriting goals the best possible chance of succeeding. So let’s get to it.

Get Inspired to Write All Over Again

Sometimes the reason why we don’t write as much as we’d like is simply because the enthusiasm has dried up a little. After several rejection letters or lukewarm feedback on your scripts, it’s easy to get disheartened.

With that in mind, here are six resources you can use to rediscover your writing mojo….



Another Valentine’s Day for Writers!

This year’s selection of writerly views of the holiday, the subject of love, and, that most writerly POV of all – ourselves:

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