Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 5/12/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Jonathan Hickman‘s graphic novel, Pax Romana has been put into development at Syfy. Special Forces! Time travel! Ancient Rome! World War III! (Whoever writes this is gonna have one hell of a glorious time. Call your agent and make that writer you. Or, if you’re producing this thing, call Yer Friendly Neighborhood Munchman’s agent and make it – hehe – moi.)
  • Sera Gamble & John McNamara (SUPERNATURAL for Sera, IN PLAIN SIGHT for John-boy) are developing THE MAGICIANS, based on a series of books by Lev Grossman, also for Syfy. It’s described as “Harry Potter for grown-ups, so maybe Syfy will be able to get it right. (I know Sera and John can.)
  • Frank Miller‘s comic book RONIN is being developed into a Syfy series also, and it too doesn’t have a writer.(So if you’re the proud possessor of a worldview from somewhere in the early Middle Ages, which is what munchie hears you’ll need to get along with Mr. Miller, it’s agent time again, baby! )
  • Charles Soule‘s comic series Letter 44 is another project going the adaptation route at the Worst Science Fiction Channel in the History of Mankind. (Yeppers, that would be Syfy again.) Jonathan Mostow (TERMINATOR 3) is writing this one. (Which means nothing to me cuz I’ve never been able to make myself watch that flick. Ooh, I said “flick.” What does that mean? Hint: Not a term of endearment, Beloved Readers.)
  • This just in, Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia (WAREHOUSE 13) got the gig adapting PAX ROMANA. There goes our big chance. (Actually, there go 2 big chances: Yours/mine to get that gig and the viewers chance for this series to be anything but stupid Syfy Channel crap.)

Survival of the Fittest Dept – TV Production Deals for 2/1/13

writer-producersLatest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are – Because Their Pilots are Being Made

  •  Hannah Shakespeare (Sofia Vergara’s friend) is developing KILLER WOMEN, a “soapy procedural” about a female Texas Ranger for ABC. (Yes, MODERN FAMILY star Vergara is the producer and ABC wants to keep her happy.  ‘Tis how it goes, kids.)
  • Kyle Killen (AWAKE) is in charge of another ABC drama pilot called INFLUENCE, about an agency that solves problems by using “the science of human motivation and manipulation.” (What? This makes the heroes seem kinda sleazy and unethical to you? Grow up!)
  • David Shore (HOUSE) has a go for a third ABC pilot, DOUBT, about an ex-cop turned attorney who occasional takes time off from fighting with his ex-wife to help a client. (Wow, this sounds so familiar that it’s almost welcome. Don’tcha love TV?)
  • Kass Morgan’s (RAISING HOPE) THE HUNDRED, about a spaceship containing the last remnants of humanity – 100 juvenile delinquents – is a go to pilot at the CW.  (Um…where else? Huh?)
  • Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain (both of 666 PARK AVENUE and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) are supplying The CW with SELECTION, about a romance 300 years in the future. (A future where teens play HUNGER GAMES type, um, games to see who becomes – wait for it – queen. Yikes!)
  • Sera Gamble (SUPERNATURAL) scored with a Navy drama called COMPANY TOWN, which will also be made for the CW. (We’re having a tough time picturing teenage admirals, but maybe that’s just us?)