When is a New Monty Python Film Not a New Monty Python Film?

When it’s this one:

Proof for all to see that The Wrap kinda sucks: The pic they used to go with their announcement of a film with at least 7 TV superstars is this one of some babe named Gemma Arterton.

Monty Python Feature ‘Absolutely Anything’ Attracts Gemma Arterton, Benedict Cumberbatch (Exclusive) – by Liza Foreman (TheWrap.Com)

The long-gestating Monty Python project “Absolutely Anything” is moving full steam ahead, with Gemma Arterton confirmed for the project and Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to join the comedy, TheWrap has learned. read article

A Quick Thought About Robin Williams

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for an over-actor like Robin Williams, whose whole career has been about going off and careening around any and all scenes eating every actor and prop in his path, to underplay the way he did on that episode of LOUIE where Louis C.K. and Robin meet at the burial (it wasn’t really a funeral) of a mutual acquaintance (he wasn’t really a friend)? read article