A Quick Thought About Robin Williams

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for an over-actor like Robin Williams, whose whole career has been about going off and careening around any and all scenes eating every actor and prop in his path, to underplay the way he did on that episode of LOUIE where Louis C.K. and Robin meet at the burial (it wasn’t really a funeral) of a mutual acquaintance (he wasn’t really a friend)?

Or, conversely, can you imagine how difficult it must have been for Louis to keep Robin down the way he did? To succeed where so many other directors have failed?

But it worked, and last week’s episode, “Barney/Never,” was as far as we’re concerned the best one so far this season. Even with the diarrhea in the tub bit. (Not because we have anything against diarrhea but because everything else seemed so intensely, painfully real and this…not.)

Why does the headline on this post use Robin Williams’ name instead of Louis C.K.’s? Because it’s Robin’s tight face, so unlike it’s ever been seen before on TV, that stayed with us long after the stink in the tub was forgot.

TVWriter™ thanks both comic masters for the ride.

Or, in the definitely-going-to-be-immortal words of DALLAS showrunner Cynthia Cidre: “I’d like to have more music.”

You got it. We’re never gonna let her live that down.