If You’re One of Those Who Wonder What WILFRED’s All About…

…read the article below:

Wilfred – Are we ever going to get to the truth? – by Michael Noble (CliqueClack.Com)


This is exactly the kind of Wilfred episode I love.

First of all, the last time we saw Bruce (Dwight Yokam) — Wilfred’s “enemy” and the only other person who sees him as Ryan does — it was evident there were, well … issues between the two. Yet Wilfred “called” Bruce for assistance with Ryan and the soon-to-be-moving-in Amanda. So the question is: How much of an enemy can Bruce really be to Wilfred? There is definitely an understanding between the two … tenuous as it might be.

But there’s a reason for it. And that reason is probably a deep-seated one. You see, Wilfred’s got an agenda. Sometimes we can see right to the heart of it, but most of the time it’s hidden from us and all he does is toss out hints we simply don’t comprehend.

And there were tons of them thrown at us this time around:

“You say you have my best interests at heart, but have you ever once told me the truth?” — Ryan
“Lots of times!” — Wilfred (Of course we know this … but the manner in which Wilfred told this to Ryan was so matter of fact it was as if he’s done so dozens of time before. Can this be true?)

“That’s how long you’ve been down in the basement playing with your dog and his … well … Bruce …” — Ryan (Was that a huge “Bruce” clue? What does it mean?!?)

“You knew this would happen. This is the disaster you predicted.” — Ryan
“Sorry mate. That still wasn’t it.” — Wilfred (Ryan’s been teased with this particular ploy by Wilfred more times than we can count.

I love this stuff! It’s equally intoxicating while frustrating as all get out. Even Wilfred mentioned the possibility of the basement not being real. Think about it: A lot of clandestine things have taken place within the underneath of Ryan’s house. Of those things, how many hold truths? How many are simply figments of Ryan’s imagination?

I’m not certain when we’re ever going to get to the truth about Wilfred … or the truth about Ryan for that matter. But when episodes like this one crop up — especially on the heels of such a senseless chapter as last week’s — all appears to be right with the world for the time being. Even when we don’t know what the hell is going on. Like this:

“French rules … standard protocol …” — Wilfred
“I wouldn’t have it any other way …” — Bruce

What the hell were these two talking about … ?!?


  • How does Bruce know about Ryan’s father? And Bruce’s cryptic exit “I’ll get you next time” assures us he’ll be back.
  • Maybe, just maybe, Ryan’s rejection of Amanda was a move forward for him, some much needed growth he’s been seeking.
  • The exchange between Ryan and Amanda at the last was good television.

Okay, so this article doesn’t tell us what WILFRED’s about. But it does tell us how much fun one viewer is having trying to figure it out. And since, existentially speaking, we believe this show to be all about trying to learn what’s about, this analysis is, simply, brilliant.

So, btw, is the weed we’re smoking just now. But that’s neither here nor there.

2 thoughts on “If You’re One of Those Who Wonder What WILFRED’s All About…”

  1. I just feel sorry for the actor in the dog suit. He must sweat like hell in that thing. I haven’t actually seen the show, the ads for it make it look stupid.

    1. The actor in the dog suit is also the creator of the show, and the creator-writer of its original, Australian version.

      Actually, it isn’t stupid at all. It’s totally out there/existential. My gripe originally was that the dog didn’t have the attitude dogs do. But, thanks to this article, now I understand that it isn’t supposed to. Because it isn’t really a dog….

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