Kelly Jo Brick: The Write Path With SUPERNATURAL’S Davy Perez, Part 2

A series of interviews with hard-working writers – by another hard-working writer!

by Kelly Jo Brick

Aspiring writers often wonder how the pros got where they are. The truth is, everyone’s story is different, but there are some common elements: dedication, persistence, hard work and not giving up.

Persistence and positive attitude were major influences in the development of Davy Perez’s career in entertainment. Born and raised in East LA, Davy became involved with a sketch group and worked as a background actor before following his creative passions as a writer. Acceptance into multiple writing programs helped lead the way to him becoming a staff writer for the highly acclaimed TV show AMERICAN CRIME. He now writes for the CW series, SUPERNATURAL. read article

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/28/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Lindsay Devlin (newbie!) is adapting Rachel Cohn’s book Beta as an ABC pilot about a world where human clones serve as slaves for the wealthy, which is thrown into turmoil when the protagonist clone learns a few, you know, secrets about the society she lives in. (In other words, ABC has found a way to rip off the masterful ORPHAN BLACK. Raise your hand if you think they can carry this off even half as successfully.)
  • Philip Levens (SMALLVILLE) is writing the pilot for SINS, an ABC primetime soap about a very dangerous woman. (Don’t worry. The series has been worked out with lots more details. It’s just that we thought they were so boring that we couldn’t bring ourselves to type them.)
  • Sarah Hooper (The UK version of SHAMELESS) is adapting the Argentinian series LOS ROLDAN into an ABC comedy thing set in Miami and featuring a mostly Latin cast. (Think UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS except not really.)
  • Andrew Marlowe (CASTLE) is bringing Raymond Chandler’s classic private detective Philip Marlowe into contemporary L.A. for ABC. (Actually, he’s co-writing it with his wife, Terri Edda Miller, but for some reason her participation isn’t being blared quite as loudly as his. Hmm…)
  • Glen Morgan (THE X-FILES) is developing a supernatural thriller called THE INTRUDERS for BBC America, based on a novel of the same name by Michael Marshall Smith. (We’re looking forward to this one. The book’s gotten great reviews, and two of the producers who made the comeback of DOCTOR WHO great, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, are producing. Now if only RTD were aboard…)