Latest LOUIE Kills – And It’s All in the Writing

Last night’s opening of a 3 part arc on LOUIE took our breath away, asking, as it did, questions like:

“What price success?” read article

A Quick Thought About Robin Williams

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for an over-actor like Robin Williams, whose whole career has been about going off and careening around any and all scenes eating every actor and prop in his path, to underplay the way he did on that episode of LOUIE where Louis C.K. and Robin meet at the burial (it wasn’t really a funeral) of a mutual acquaintance (he wasn’t really a friend)?

Or, conversely, can you imagine how difficult it must have been for Louis to keep Robin down the way he did? To succeed where so many other directors have failed? read article

FX Picks up LOUIE for Another Season

…’Cuz there’s been a, you know, blow job in 5 out of the 6 episodes so far. (Yeah, we only saw one, but it was from an actress who just about a year ago won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar so that makes up for anything lacking anywhere, right?)

FX Orders Two More Seasons of It’s Always Sunny, Renews Wilfred and Louie by Hanh Nguyen

Let’s celebrate at Paddy’s Pub! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphiawill be around for two more seasons. read article

LOUIE is Back! Tonight!

A TVWriter™ Don’t Miss, even if the Hollywood Reporter, which becomes more obsolete by the second, loves it. Sometimes even dying publications can get their swan songs right. (? Never mind. Sorry.)

Louie: TV Review
by Tim Goodman

Still TV’s greatest comedy, with observational humor, a sad-sack life, a fearless look into the mundane — FX’s “Louie” is a thing of original beauty… read article