The Creator of LOST Talks About Life, Showbiz, and Getting Found

Jeffrey Lieber et al

Mr. Lieber’s the one everybody’s listening to in the pic above. Good on him.

Oh, and we kinda suspect that he won’t really like this headline much cuz he’s done a hunka other really great things (Tuck Everlasting, Miami Medical, Necessary Roughness, to name a few) as well. Behold Part 1:

More of this interview:

Awesomely put together by The Bitter Script Reader, whose blog everybody needs to check out.

The Rapture Comes to HBO

No, silly, not that kind of rapture. We’re talking the Big One, not what the French refer to as the Little Death.

Damon Lindelof returns to TV to film the Rapture for HBO
by Meredith Woerner 

Damon Lindelof is getting back to his television roots with Tom Perotta’s The Leftovers, a supremely wild novel about what happens to those left behind after the Rapture. The two are currently in talks to adapt this book for an HBO series.

According to Vulture, Lindelof is hot to make The Leftovers a television series. We’re in, as long as Perrotta stays on board to reel in Lindelof’s flightier script tendencies. Here’s the book’s synopsis:

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TVWriter™ could really get behind this  too, if Lindelof thinks it out a little more clearly than he did LOST. So the series can, you know, move forward like a real story instead of just a puzzle.