Leesa Dean Tells Us “How Tennis Saved My Pitch Meeting”

220px-tennis_racket_and_ballsAdventures in Digital Series Land – Chapter 106
by Leesa Dean

I am a tennis fanatic. Love to watch matches, love to play.  Did I mention I kinda suck at it? Ok, maybe not suck, but…I’m inexperienced.  Been playing for about five or six years (just working on my strokes) but only started playing games last year. And found out the hard way that playing games is dramatically different than just hitting a ball around.  Aside from strategy and learning different shots that are game-specific, there’s the pressure.  And it is insane. You’re dealing with ego (mostly your own: OMG, am I gonna fail?), stage-fright (OMG, everyone’s gonna see me fail!!!) and fear of failure (OMG everyone just saw me fail!!!)  But I really really really wanna get better and feel I have the potential to, ultimately, be a good player. So I’m sticking with it.

A week ago I found myself prepping for a pitch meeting. And the same fears I have with tennis were cropping up (yeah, the fear of failure thing). The worst thing you can do in a pitch meeting is have them see you sweat. I mean, who wants to buy something from someone who’s nervous about their project?

I’ve taken a ton of pitch meetings and normally don’t get nervous about them anymore because I’ve been told I’m “good in a room” but since I’ve been holed up a while writing/animating a bunch of new stuff, it somehow felt new.  And I had a butterflies. read article