You’re Never Too Old or Too Late to Follow Your Dreams with Author PJ McIlvaine

Truer words were never spoken than those above, and we’re delighted to see that the speaker, PJ McIlvaine is one of our favorite people and a top writer as well. Hi, PJ!

PJ McIlvaine

by Johnell Dewitt

PJ McIlvaine has been published in The New York Times and Newsday. PJ is also a regular contributor for the Children’s Book Insider newsletter, and a co-host of #PBPitch, a Twitter pitch party for picture book creators.

PJ has written across ages and genres, including a screenplay for Showtime which became the movie My Horrible Year. Her picture book, Dragon Roar, releases on Oct. 19, 2021 through MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing, Inc, which specializes in books for readers with dyslexia. read article