Forgotten TV Gems: HE & SHE

HE AND SHE Capture 1

by Lew Ritter

In the late ’60s, three networks ruled the airwaves. The Internet and Streaming were not even a gleam in a Sci-fi writer’s eye. Network comedies consisted of rural comedies filled with country bumpkins outsmarting the bumbling city slickers. A big star dominated every show, their gleam illuminated by contrast with a few minor character actors.

In 1967, in the midst of this drought, CBS programmed HE & SHE into the middle of their hit Wednesday night lineup of shows including highbrow fare such as THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and GREEN ACRES. It would be a smart urban comedy surrounded by the bucolic waste land. It proved to be the proverbial fish out of water, but only lasted one season.

The brilliance of the show was in three areas: read article